Netanyahu on virus preps, Gaza and US peace plan

(9 Feb 2020) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday announced that Israel has currently no confirmed cases of the new type of coronavirus.
Netanyahu made the remarks during a weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem.
Ahead of the meeting, Israel’s Health Minister Yaakov Litzman commented on the country’s readiness to deal with any potential future cases of infection.
Litzman said health officials were operating on the assumption that cases will eventually arrive in the country, but added that he hoped that scanorio can be prevented, or else effectively addressed.
A week earlier on Sunday, Netanyahu had convened a large-scale discussion on the national preparedness for the virus.
Israel already declared it has stopped all flights coming from China.
At the cabinet meeting, Netanyahu also warned that he will “not accept any aggression from Gaza”.
This comes as tensions soared following last week’s release of President Donald Trump’s Mideast initiative, which greatly favours Israel and was rejected by the Palestinians.
The violence put the plan on even shakier ground and raised fears of another extended round of fighting in the decades-old conflict.
The plan would allow Israel to annex all of its settlements and large parts of the occupied West Bank — sparking calls from Israeli nationalists to do so immediately.
In return it would grant Palestinians limited autonomy in scattered enclaves surrounded by Israel.

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