The Biggest Ecommerce Company in Israel and You Never Heard of it! #398

How is this for an insane company?

I had the chance to sit with Gil Efrati, CMO of Resident, a company you may never have heard of, but is the biggest Ecommerce player in Israel!

We had an amazing conversation about so many topics including direct to consumer businesses, as well as some shoutouts to my good friends Tevi Hirschhorn and Avi Zuber.

Lots to learn from this guy! Enjoy.

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I regularly post content that revolves around Israeli tech startups, with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the brilliant minds behind the innovations. It’s not for nothing that Israel has gone from being “startup nation,” to “scale-up” nation. Whether the products are hardware or software, or B2B’s or B2C’s, there is always much to learn from everyone- from the angel investors, to VC’s, to CEO’s, CMO’s, sales/marketing professionals, developers, interns, and more. That’s not all this vlog is about. You can also see all that Israel has to offer, from world-class restaurants, to gorgeous beaches, to scenic views, to ancient historical landmarks, and more. It’s always fun for me to take out my drone and capture all the glory that Israel has to offer. What would you like to get a closer look of in the Israeli tech scene? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll try to make it happen. Your feedback means a lot.

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