A Story About Israel // (Israel travel documentary)

I spent 10 days traveling through Israel, both with my Israeli friends, and alone. From desert fortresses, to the many cultures that call Israel & its territories home, to geopolitics… I tried to learn as much as I could about this country and share it with you.

I spent a long time before, during and after my trip thinking about how I could be responsible in the story that I tell. Although it is imperfect, I’m proud of the result. I hope that my hard work shows through and that you enjoy! And if you do, please share the video with a friend.

Hi, I’m Emily! 👋
Straight after college I left my native UK to build a life that I love, freelancing in Italy. Since then I’ve spent time in Portugal, settled in a new home in Belgium and visited many places in between.

Here I share stories about the cultures and people I meet, and I hope you’ll learn something new in the process!


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