NEW OATHS TO GOD Prophetic Word September 28 2019 Chosen Holy Children of Israel

Chosen Children of Israel, YOUR KING IS HERE! Your King awaits…

👑🌹 👑 ABOUT ME 👑🌹👑

Blessings Beloved 🙏 Thank you so much for joining me. My name is Carolyn, and I am here to help support you in blossoming into your New Earth Template, and Christed Embodiment.

Each week we upgrade together with the cosmic energies and God’s plan, and our collective consciousness as a TRIBE. My gifts bring the New Earth 5th Dimensional Galactic Embodiment to you, so you can birth all of your heart’s desires! My abilities include

◦ Shamanic Healing
◦ Akashic Clearings
◦ Divine Wisdom
◦ Prophetic Tongue and God Code
◦ Kundalini Awakened
◦ Activations, Attunements, Downloads, Upgrades
◦ Powerful Manifestations
◦ Divine Alchemy

My mission directly supports The Beloveds in coming into Holy Matrimony with their Christed Divine Counterpart, as an embodiment of The House of David ✡️ Sisterhood of the Rose 🌹The Lion Tribe of Judah 🦁 and The Galactic Star Council of Nine ✨

Join me on this journey to the return home to your Union of The Beloved, Heaven on Earth, The ONECODE, and The Promised Land 🕊️

Love Carolyn

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